Erectile Dysfunction

Internationally recognized medical technique from years of experience and research/development

ED1000 Program

A physical therapy progrAM that uses the “ED1000”– an FDA approved low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave device.
Nonsurgical treatment
Fundamental treatment
No pain
No side effects

Nonsurgical Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment Device

Accelerated emission of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) substances create new blood vessels and rejuvenate erectile tissue such as muscles and nerves, resulting in a long-term treatment that addresses the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Penis Blood Vessels Before & After Treatment

Pre ED1000 treatment
Post ED1000 treatment

Consider ED1000 treatment if

1. You are uncomfortable with taking medicine every time you have sex.
2. You are seeking treatment for the root cause of erectile dysfunction.
3. You are afraid of or unwilling to undergo surgery.
4. You want to return to the days of natural erections.

3-Piece Expandable Prosthetic

An expandable prosthetic comprised of 3 pieces (cylinder, pump, storage). Called the 3-piece prosthetic,
this most universal erectile dysfunction surgery fabricates a pump in the scrotum to control expansion and contraction.
Convenient Operation
High Satisfaction Rate
Natural Texture
World-Class Surgery

Trueman’s Expandable Prosthetic Sub-Pubic Approach Surgery

As the main surgical method performed in the erectile dysfunction prosthetic surgery capital of the world, America, the probability of bacterial infection is low because the surgery site is far from the anus and the procedure does not require a catheter. After the surgery, sexual relations are possible soon after.

Dr.Yang is a great doctor.
He has a Golden Hand.

- Dr. Perito -
Trueman (CMO Gi-hoon Yang) was the first in Korea to learn the “minimally invasive sub-pubic penile prosthetic surgery method” created by Dr. Perrito, the doctor who has performed the most erectile dysfunction surgeries in the world, and has been performing the most surgeries in the country.
*Up to January 1, 2016

AMS Products

AMS is a leading company in the erectile dysfunction prosthetic market that created products used in more than 300,000 surgeries with a higher than 90% satisfaction rate.
Varied Product Line
Convenient Operation
Reduced Feeling of a Foreign Substance
High Satisfaction Rate

AMS Expandable Prosthetic

The product line comes in various lengths and girths, making optimized size-appropriate surgery possible. The product’s soft material reduces the feeling of a foreign substance in the body and makes the pump operation convenient.

Coloplast Product

Coloplast is a world-renowned medical supply company that took over Mentor, the main competitor of AMS.
Coloplast releases outstanding products through the use of research and development.
Bio Material
Hydrophilic Coating
Convenient Operation
High Satisfaction Rate

Coloplast Expandable Prosthetic

The product uses the flexible and solid bio material, Bioflex, and has a hydrophilic coating that can carry antibiotics and makes the insertion of the prosthetic easy during surgery.

Achievements and Experience

Expandable Erectile Dysfunction
Prosthetic Success Rate 100%
During 2017, the success rate of Trueman’s new expandable erectile dysfunction prosthetic surgeries was 100%.*
* CMO Gi-hoon Yang counts surgeries with no inflammation or other serious side effects for 6 months after surgery as successes.

World’s 1st/2nd Erectile Dysfunction Prosthetic Company Certified Medical Institution (AMS/Coloplast)

AMS Certification
Coloplast Certification

Broadcast Appearances

Broadcast appearance on TV
Broadcast appearance on TV
Broadcast appearance on TV

Overseas Doctor Seminars

Dr. Perrito
Dr. Drogo Montegue
Dr. J Francois Eid
Dr. Anthony Stone
Dr. Allen F Morey
Dr. Valenzuela
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