Custom Breast Surgery with a Background of Continuous Research and Experience


In cases in which men’s chests develop and swell like women’s breasts, one must consider treatment for gynecomastia.

Treatment Subjects

Gynecomastia from obesity.
Cases of fat remaining in the chest area after dieting.
Cases of thin body types with protrusion in the areola region.
Chest protrusion before puberty.
Cases when growths are felt on the chest.
Drug-induced breast hypertrophy.

Normal Chest

There is no breast tissue or fat tissue under the areolas.
The pectoral line is apparent, and there is no sagging in the chest.

Chest with Gynecomastia

There is an excess of breast or fat tissue under the areolas.
The chest protrudes and the lower portion droops down, making it look similar to female breasts.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Highest Class Surgery Cases
High Level of Skill
Precision Fine Suturing
Custom Chest

Trueman Custom Gynecomastia Surgery

As Korea’s best surgical clinic (about 24,000 gynecomastia surgeries – up to March 2022), we analyze collected data and gynecomastia surgery know-how along with individual patient traits to perform custom surgeries. With our precision fine suturing, it is possible for us to leave almost no scars and speed up your recovery.

Gynecomastia Surgery Process

Before surgery.
Under hypnoanesthesia, local anesthesia is applied around the areolas.
An incision of about 0.5cm is made at the boundary area of the areolas.
(We use precision fine suturing or skin bond to leave the smallest signs possible.)
A tumescent solution (local anesthetic) is injected and excess fat tissue is removed.
Breast tissue is removed and bumpy areas are smoothed out with special instruments to form a smooth chest line.
Gynecomastia surgery shapes your chest line and gives you your confidence back!!

Before and After Gynecomastia Surgery

Type 1. Obese Body Type
Relatively high proportion of fat tissue

Before surgery
2 weeks after surgery

Type 2. Normal Body Type
Intermediate proportion of fat and breast tissue

Before surgery
1 weeks after surgery

Type 3. Skinny Body Type
Relatively high proportion of breast tissue

Before surgery
3 weeks after surgery

Why Trueman?

Trueman conducts research and strives for a more developed gynecomastia surgery.
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